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Yoni Alter
Ivy Muse Melbourne
Grace Souky

Rubberband Products

OYOY Living Design
Block Design


CONCEPT & AESTHETICS DEVELOPMENT // We continue to work with some of the best brands and designers in the world; New Tendency, Ivy Muse, Novoform and Selek Design, among others. With successful development and manufacture projects spanning homeware and homeware accessories, glassware and ceramics, children’s toys & furniture and design objects & art products we operate in a sphere concerned with precision-based aesthetics and cutting edge design. All products we manufacture must succeed on the market.

COMMERCIAL COMPREHENSION // In bringing a product to market, the balance between DESIGN AESTHETICS and the fair price point determines whether the product DOES or DIES. This really is the challenge and understanding the realities of the market and pre-empting the potential hurdles allow for us to diplomatically manage our clients’ expectations against the sometimes opposing forces of the market, MATERIALS, processes and the geography of a supply route. Adeptly navigating the encounter from the beginning means we can perceptively determine the most
appropriate supply route for the product to succeed.

PRODUCT MANAUFCATURE // We are UK based with overseas offices in Shenzhen, Ho Chi Minh City, Mumbai and Prelog, Croatia. We are geographically well-spanned so we can utilise locations based on their MANUFACTURE PROCESSES and MATERIAL STENGTHS, economies and we are even able to move with the political tide. China, often referred to as the ‘workshop of the world’, are known for their overall strength in manufacture. They boast some of the best FACTORIES in the world for design-led products and we would typically work with our team there on precision plastic products, or specialist products where there is a high-level of engineering required. For furniture and homeware accessories, often combining various wood types and metal processes, we focus these briefs more towards our colleagues in Vietnam and India. For most glassware and ceramics we will produce in Eastern and Central Europe and also Sri Lanka.

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Focal Points // Homeware Accessories
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